Celebrate with our Striped Buttercream Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake! Customize your own flavour, Colours and inscription~ Pre Order Yours Today! Must give 2-3 days notice for pre order.


Serving Slice Size 1"x2"x6"

Approx $6.50 per serving


How to Customize and Pre Order:


1.) Select Flavour, Size and Inscription.


2.)  Choose 2 Buttercream Colours and 1 Chocolate Drip Colour from the 2  lists located below. 


Buttercream Colour List:

Red, Orange, Light Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Light Green, Lime Green, Green, Forest Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Light Purple , Dark Purple, Fuchsia, Pink, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Rose Gold, Gold, Black, White, Grey, Light Grey


Chocolate Drip Colour List:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Pink, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Black, Grey. 


eg. Buttercream pink/white, chocolate drip pink

Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake